London Solo

So far, so good. I decided that I’m not going to spend my final full day in the UK getting lost on the Tube system, so I’m sticking to things that are within walking distance. Luckily, it looks like the sun is coming out and it’s a beautiful day here. I slept in nice and late (8am), made some instant coffee (I gotta get back to Portland, instant coffee is starting to taste really good), and set out to find a bike shop so I can bring something back for Mike. I got out my map and set out…the wrong way. I was totally turned around here–I still have no idea which way is north. Luckily, my little misstep led me to discover that Hyde Park is about 5 blocks from my hotel. I’ll be going back there later today. Once I got turned in the right direction I walked about 2 miles and found the bike shop I was looking for. Unfortunately, they don’t sell t-shirts, but I got a really cute cycling cap for MIke (sorry babe, it isn’t a team cap). On my way back home I stopped in to a fish & chips place near my hotel and I am currently eating the greasiest meal I think I’ve ever had. It’s pretty gross actually. I think I’ll stick to Lebanese and Indian food from now on.

    In other news, I’ve decided to not use this blog for my assignment. I don’t want to feel like I’m censoring myself with what I write here. Not that I say anything provocative, but I’ve already been advised to change a thing or two for “political reasons”. So I’m going to turn in the paper like everyone else and I can keep this blog for my own purposes. I also found out that what we felt on Saturday night was, in fact, an earthquake. A 4.0 to be exact. I still haven’t seen it on the USGS website, but I did find a link to the news report later on. Exciting!

I’m going to sit around and read for a bit before setting out again. I didn’t take any pictures on my jaunt because honestly, it’s just a bunch of London streets and they all sort of look the same. Also I’m alone, so there’s no one else to pose for me.



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