London, 5pm

Well Anna and I had a whirlwind tour of London today. She’s leaving in the morning, so we had to pack in all we could in one day (I’ll do more tomorrow). We got up super early and went out to see if any of the museums were open. They weren’t. So we decided to walk from the cafe where we had coffee this morning to the Tate Modern to see the Mark Rothko exhibit. We walked along the Thames from Trafalgar Square. We crossed the Millenium bridge over to the Tate. The museum itself is free, but the ROthko exhibit was about 12.5 quid. And I’m note sure it was totally worth it. I’m sorry modernists, but I really don’t get Rothko. I’m sure he was talented, etc, but I don’t see the big deal about layering and texture paints to get a completely black panel, hanging it on a gallery wall and calling it modern art. If I wanted to reflect, I’d look in a mirror.


Okay, sorry, maybe that’s a little harsh. The Lichtenstens were great, and they have an exhibition of Soviet propoganda posters. Those were fabulous. So after Tate Modern we walked along the South Bank of the Thames, past the Globe Theater to cross the Tower Bridge so we could see the ole Tower of London. We went all that way and then saw that it was 16.5 quid to get in! WTF!? Sorry, no. I’ve seen it before and Anna will have a chance to get back here to see it if she really wants to. I’m not paying almost $25 to walk around and look at buildings where so-and-so was held prisoner, or executed, or see the crown jewels. I’m really just not big on looking at royal baubles.

     We then went over to the National Portrait Gallery and saw the Annie Liebowitz exhibition. Amazing. I’ve loved her work for so long and it was just so thrilling to see her retrospective pieces enlarged for the gallery walls. It was such a great show. I then wandered upstairs to see all the portraits. Hundreds of dead Brits. After awhile they all started to look the same, different wigs.

   I needed to get a new book for my flight home so we went to a few bookshops and then back to the hotel. I’m so beat right now. I’m going to shower and we’re going to head out and grab some pub food for dinner. Oh yeah, it gets dark here at about 3:30! How disorienting!

I think I’ll head to the British Museum and British Library tomorrow. I’ve got an entire day to myself in London. I’m a tad bit freaked out about the prospect of riding the Tube system by myself. It was hard enough with Anna there to help me. Wish me luck!

I miss home. I’m so happy that I get to leave in a day and a half! I miss Mike and my bed in that order.



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