Walking Sofia and traditional Bulgarian dinner

This afternoon, Amy and I decided to walk around the city a bit more and skip the library tours. I hear that people were pretty disappointed that more of the American students didn’t show up to the library tour, but we’ve been pretty wiped out by the conference and so we were looking to sort of break away from the group. We were looking for t-shirts with Cyrillic text printed on them, but we didn’t find any. I did, however, manage to buy two more pashminas (I think I might have a problem). I came back to the hotel to begin to pack up some of my things.

     So the dinner. About 40 of us loaded up in a bus that took us across town to a restaraunt specializing in traditional Bulgarian food and entertainment. The decor of the place really reminded me of those “traditional” Mexican restaraunts in the US: rustic wood planking and stucco on the walls and dried chilies hanging all over the place. The food was mediocre, chicken and potatoes again. I didn’t bring any money with me thinking that because I’d paid $40 just to attend the dinner that everything would be included. Our table got one bottle of wine and a small bottle of water each (there were 6 of us at a table). If we wanted any more wine it was $22Lev for another bottle and $3Lev for more water. This kind of ticked me off a bit because no one told us that we’d need any money–or that we’d have to pay for water with dinner. The dancing was pretty neat. The 8 dancers were really good at what they did and they did dances from difference regions in Bulgaria, wearing the accompanying costume. But we have to get up early to go to the Rila Monastery tomorrow, so I was getting impatient to leave after dinner. Some of those who had brought money with them were enjoying themselves a lot and I felt sort of guilty for trying to speed things up. I tend to get pretty impatient in group settings, in case you hadn’t noticed from this blog. I really don’t like waiting for other people in order to move forward. This is just a lesson in patience for me, I suppose 🙂

Alright, so I’m off to bed because we’ve got an early start. I’ll upload photos tomorrow, along with monastery photos.




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